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There are quite a variety of Cloud Computing solutions to choose from, as your local IT professionals Carolina Computer Partners, with offices in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC, helps you address your needs by evaluating your business structure.

What is Cloud Computing and Do You Need It?

Geek Definition – A scalable computing solution that provides IT functionality through shared hosted internet service.

English Definition – Take all of the basic computing services that you utilize now through your own software and server hardware and throw them away.  Now access those same services through the internet for less money.

There are so many advantages to this method it’s almost hard to list them all. Imagine no more server hassles, no more server rooms, no more backup systems, no more down-time, no more expensive software, and the list goes on.

How is this possible you ask? There are large, reliable companies like Amazon and Microsoft that house the equipment and provide access to the programs that we all use. You know the basics like Word, Excel and some popular CRM programs. You buy a managed services contract or subscription (different companies use different terms) and pay only for the amount that you use. The resources are shared by hundreds of other companies so the cost is extremely attractive for smaller businesses. This gives the small business person a real advantage!

Because these internet services companies have larger resources than most small businesses, they can afford to have a higher level of security, better redundancy, and teams of break-fix engineers to monitor the systems. Most have excellent track records for down-time.

What’s the catch? The largest elephant in the room is that if you own a small business you have probably already invested thousands of dollars into your technology. Throwing your brand new server out is probably not the best financial solution.

The second issue is speed. Remember this is all based on internet speed. If you do not have enough band width or reside in an area where you cannot get good internet service then pulling information across the web is like emptying a swimming pool through your garden hose … Very slow!

The third issue that gets a lot of attention is that you are putting your data on a shared server. This makes some people a little uncomfortable. The problem may not be as large as the paranoia. These companies are expert at security issues. You are more likely to get your data stolen or corrupted by someone inside your company than by a malicious attack on one of these shared machines. They are very well protected.

Overall we are advising start-up companies to jump in and give this solution a try. If you do not have a large amount invested in your technology this is an excellent way to get more reliable technology for your small business at a much lower cost. For established companies, pick a new project or a small, non critical project to start with.