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Network Security Consulting and Products

CCP, with offices in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC, offers services in the areas of firewalls, anti-virus, spam blocking, web filtering, secure routing and intrusion detection.

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SECURE ROUTING –The internet was originally designed to operate in an open, non-secure environment. This architecture provided a free and effective way to transfer information but was not designed with security in mind. Now it is a requirement that information be monitored from router to router. The chance that there may be a malicious user working to gather information between two computers is 100%! Secure routing technology (SRT) is critical to a network.  Product we recommend Sonicwall.

MAIL FILTERING – Keep your in box safe by protecting it 24/7, with CCP’s mail filter.  It will search for and block spam, viruses, phishing emails, Trojans and more.  And includes features allowing you to quarantine  your emails and also allows you to determine which emails you would like blocked.  Product we recommend Roaring Penguin

WEB SECURITY – Unauthorized use of the internet at work goes way beyond a little holiday shopping time during business hours. Here are a few of the reasons that you need web security.  Product we recommend I Prism 

        • Employee Productivity – Companies lose millions of dollars each year due to personal business conducted on the internet.
        • Bandwidth – Streaming audio, pornography and other unauthorized internet usage slow down your server.
        • Viruses – Unauthorized use of the internet brings in the majority of viruses and spam.
        • Sexual Harassment – The viewing of explicit material can easily lead to a lawsuit for the company.
        • Illegal Downloads – Even if it is an innocent mistake by an employee, download software can lead to legal repercussions.

INTRUSION DETECTION – An intrusion detection system (IDS) is used to detect and block attacks, including worms, network viruses and other malware that cannot be detected by a conventional firewall. Firewalls lack some degree of sophistication in identifying malicious internet traffic. An IDS gathers system information, analyzes it for unusual events.

Product we recommend – Our engineers most often recommend the CISCO Intrusion Prevention System, but are well versed in other IDS products.

ANTIVIRUS – You need an antivirus software to protect your computer, and to prevent your computer from being used to pass on infections to other machines without your knowledge.  If you use the internet and you do not put an antivirus in place, you are going to get infected.  And you will infect others, including the people your business relies on most, your customers.  Product we recommend Bitdefender

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